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Sheikha Athba Bint Thamer Althani, an executive member, advisor to the Chairman and CEO of QDVC - a joint venture between Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company and VINCI Construction, is a dynamic business woman with innovative skills, passion for improvisation and a powerhouse of knowledge.

Sheikha Athba believes that there are no results without efforts and hard work. This belief and a go getter’s attitude greeted her with awards and recognition for her initiatives, suggestions and work. Her interests and work are not limited to one field. She walks with honors in arts, EMBA- double major, is an active social worker, successful entrepreneur, just to name a few.

At a very young age of 12 she discovered that curiosity is the key to knowledge. That’s what drives her to be open to learning. She appreciates new ideas, suggestions and implements the same to meet and exceed the targets set for self and company. Her working career started with teaching followed by joining QDVC as Sustainable Development Manager where she bloomed in her career. She continued her learning at the same time and achieved her Executive MBA with double major from HEC Paris followed by completion of Executive Leadership Program from Harvard business school. She is now a post-doctoral candidate for Business Administration.

As an executive member and advisor to the Chairman and CEO, Sheikha Athba improvised by revising the shareholders agreement between QDVC and VINCI construction and other joint ventures. She then focused on labor wellbeing and welfare programs. Being promoted as an advisor gave her the required time to focus on her dream of fulfilling her social responsibility towards her country and its residents.

During her stint as a Chief Support Services Officer of QDVC Sheikha Athba was leading and directing the QHSE Qatarization Center of Excellence, HR, Sustainable development and IT Departments. She is a successful leader and guide in development of various programs and organizational & financial plans.

She is the face behind conceptualization and initiation of Qatarization award in 2014 which was designed to connect a knowledge ,learning and experience transfer bridge between QDVC and VINCI Construction that encourages line managers to develop their Qatari and non-Qatari employees skills and handhold them to succeed in their career and in process create a healthy work environment.

From science to arts to pursuing doctorate she is expert in time management, handling deadlines. Being a polyglot career woman she is fluent in Arabic, English, French and Hindi. She channelized her idea of learning and sharing knowledge by encouraging the non-French speaking employees to learn French from the employees who spoke the same.

As a keynote speaker at various events, like environmental and women empowerment, Carnegie Mellon University, HEC Paris student’s group gathering 2017, she shares her knowledge, challenges and experiences which led her to be one of the recognized, successful and an influential woman. The recent conference at which was invited is the fifth international conference from Doha chapter of ICAI where she shared her insights on “Sustainability and Growth in the Digital Era”.

She has a strong eye for details to understand company’s set objectives and drive her colleagues towards the same. Her exceptional leadership, business, managerial & interpersonal skills made her the most approachable, loved and transparent person (as mentioned by her co-workers). Her negotiation and tactical skills has made her an excellent networker and leader. Sharing of learning’s, culture of healthy competition among team members are few of her daily initiatives. Her guidance and advice to new employees in developing their career path has made them successful in their chosen filed.

She is a loving, inspiring and caring mother of three beautiful children who are following her footsteps and guidance to succeed in life. Maintaining a well balance between work, education, social work and home Sheikha Athba Althani walks with many achievements and accolades making her a successful career woman and has set an example for women to step ahead and achieve their dreams, be it any field.


After high school Sheikha Athba started with learning medicine however her curiosity and passion for creativity took her to completing her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. It was during her hectic working schedule at QDVC when she attended Carbon action Management training at UK and achieved 6.00 in her IELTS in 2012. This gave a boost to her learning and the journey of acquiring more knowledge to lead her in achieving her goals started by completion of EMBA with double majors from HEC Paris- the first being major in Services in 2014 followed by Entrepreneurship and Innovation major in 2015.

Travelling for conferences, education and various trainings was a routine and with no time to spare she used to be back to her base. She challenged herself further in 2015 by going to Harvard Business School where she completed Executive Leaders Program Innovation and change module and is currently chasing her Doctorate in Business Administration.

Achievements and Recognition

Sheikha Athba initiated Qatarization Award as a chief support service officer Head of Qatarization for emphasizing “Training and Development of Skills”. “In the memory of Mr. Serge Moulene, we are all today committed in continuing his vision and we are celebrating these first Qatarization Awards under his name with lot of respect and modesty”, said Sheikha Athba Al Thani, Chief Support Services Officer. The first award aims to foster QDVC’s recognition of the line managers contributions to encourage employees to acquire new skills, ensure the transfer of know-how and expertise between the two companies useful to build a strong career and healthy environment in sync with Qatar 2030 vision.

As a chief support service officer at QDVC she was responsible to collaborate with different schools as a part of cop 18 United Nations climate change initiatives to raise awareness amongst pupil about global warming and what changes they can adapt to help our Mother Earth. Ibn Khaldoun Prep-School, French Lycee Bonaparte, Abu Obaida Independent Preparatory School and Arifaa Primary Independent School for Girls sent more than 500 students to attend the workshop on climate change.

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children,” said Sheikha Athba Bint Thamer Al Thani, Chief Support Services of QDVC, citing an Amerindian proverb. “We consider at QDVC that part of our mission is to engage the next generation to raise awareness about the planet’s health. Sustainability involves us all and we are pleased to see green habits enthusiasts as the French School Bonaparte personnel and children”, she concluded.

She was the authorized signatory from QDVC for the agreement for algae carbon sequestration project with Creocean.

She held her solo art exhibition in 2011 and was awarded for her creation “Motherhood”. She has featured as one of the influential and admired business woman along with 25 successful Qatari business women where their success stories were published in a book “Qatar success Stories –Inspiring women” written by Caroline Carpentier (Executive Director of Medeis Al-Khaleej and a member of Qatari business women Association).

Voluntary work

She has been a proactive social worker and has been awarded by National Human Rights Committee of Qatar for the welfare of labors at work sites and camps.

She is an active member of Qatar Green building council and Anti-Smoking Association of Qatar. She has been a Keynote speaker in environmental, women empowerment and CSR events and HEC Paris students where she highlighted her own journey through HEC and how she achieved her EMBA. Her success and failure stories were shared at this event which helped the students in achieving their degrees.

The fifth international conference from Doha chapter of ICAI invited Sheikha Athba to speak on “Sustainability and Growth in the Digital Era”, held in October 2018.

Her international presence in various conferences and workshops made her acquire more knowledge and insights about her work and people welfare.

She attended:

  • Abu Dhabi – UNISCO Scientists environmental workshop (2011)
  • Tessam Middle east recycling meeting with(CEO: Ian Watson-UK)
  • 3rd Annual Qatar Alternative Energy Investors Summit
  • Arab Future Cities Summit 2012
  • Qatar Clean Air Research Workshop 2012 (Qatar)
  • Belgium visit (2011):
    • Federal Public Planning Service Sustainable Development (www.sppdd.be)
    • Federation of Belgian Enterprises, Section Eco-Solutions (www.vbo-feb.be)
    • Brussels Institute for Environmental Management (www.bruxellesenvironnement.be)

Sheikha Athba Althani is the woman who created first Qatarization Award, as a chief support service officer Head of Qatarization, where she emphasized on developing human capital through training and development in line with Qatar 2030 vision.

Being from field of Art she held her solo exhibition and participated in National Art Competition. She received Qatar Traditions & Environment in the Eye of Artist Award and a certificate from the Ministry of Education for her Creation “Motherhood”.

Sheikha Athba is the recipient of Qatar Today Awards – a certificate of appreciation from Ab Obaida independent school and a certificate of appreciation from National Human Rights Committee for her initiatives for Labor welfare work.

In a male dominated construction industry, it was her efforts and initiatives that made Qatar University honor her for “Outstanding Contribution to Innovative Sustainable Development and Environmental awareness” to QDVC.

She also implemented Competitive Career Framework making QDVC the “Employer of choice”.


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